New Year, New Brand!

Well, it’s been awhile right? I kind of dropped off of the face of the planet, but for good reason. It took me a good long while, but after a lot of discussion, prayers and figuring out what I really wanted for Belle Hiver Photography to represent I decided that 2016 is the last year I will be offering […]

Del Vecchio Maternity | Grand Forks, ND

Pregnancy is beautiful, and yes I know many moms who would disagree with me, but that doesn’t really change the fact that it is beautiful. It’s a special time, and whether you’re having your first, second or seventh pregnancy it’s always unique. I’ve been around enough pregnancies to know that you can be as seasoned […]

Michaela Fresh 48 | Grand Forks, ND

So this month I’m highlighting my favorite things about photography. One of these would be birth and fresh 48 sessions. I have to be honest, being there right when a baby is born is the most amazing and humbling experiences in the world. I had shown up to the hospital about an hour before Ms. […]

Jordan + Sarah | Turtle River, ND

You know how sometimes you just luck out? Like when you order a tall coffee from Starbucks and get a grande, or finding an extra $20 in the laundry? Or if you’re me, you luck out on shooting with a couple that you’ve never met before and it quickly becomes one of your favorite sessions? That’s how […]

Mother + Daughter | Phoenix, AZ

While home in Arizona this last fall I was incredibly lucky to meet up with an old high school friend Ashley and her mom Judy for a quick early morning session at Piestewa Peak in Phoenix. It’d been about 7+ years since I’d seen Ashley, but I’ve kept up with her on Facebook through the […]

The Dames | Grand Forks, ND

WELL HELLOOOOOOOO GRAND FORKS! I realize its been about a bajillion years since I’ve managed to post anything photography related and the reason behind it? I moved into a new house, got another new job and have been basking in the loveliness that is moving to a new area!! But I did want to show a big first for […]