BHP Investment

Since it’s that time of year where we are shedding our winter coats, preparing for summer trips and planning our family sessions for the year I wanted to go over the price increase from 2015 to 2016. Now I know that with this price increase that some are thinking they can’t afford a family session and it’s not worth it, but it is! Not only am I still a few hundred dollars under everyone else locally, I give you more for your dollar.


Each of my sessions have been carefully calculated to give you the best deal and still make it possible for me to pay for rent, equipment and the fees that come with being a photographer. So what’s different? Each session (aside from birth/newborn) is 2 hours long which is great if you want to do two outfits or two locations within 10 miles of each other. It helps when mama’s need to take a break and be with kids who aren’t feeling it and for families to not feel rushed. Each session also includes a number of edited digital files AND the print release. This means I’m giving you the rights to an image and losing out on future sales because I believe a family should be able to pick and choose where they print. Do I still highly recommend using my labs? Duh, I use them and I love them! But the best thing of all? These sessions are 100% geared toward you and your family. I am only taking a handful of clients every month to be able to put all of my energy into what’s really important; you.

So please, look at my prices and keep an eye out for deals coming in this spring/summer!



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