What To Expect | Session Walk Through

As I had stated in my recent relaunch/blog post I am moving toward a more specific specialty for families, while also only catering to a few sessions a month. I wanted to give a walk through for what these sessions entail and give a few price points with print packages and my ala carte.

Pre-Session Consultation

This is a 30 – 40 minute meeting where I get to know you and your family. Tell me what makes your little ones laugh, smile and feel comfortable and I will make it happen! This is also an opportunity for us to go over locations, outfits and what you’re looking for. Need a gallery wall update or a huge canvas for grandma or maybe just pictures for your family album, or even an album! This gives me the opportunity to showcase what prints and products are offered and give you a good pricing point so that you’re not surprised when we meet for your ordering session. I always send home a pricing sheet for families at the end of this session.


I would say this speaks for itself, but I like to walk you through everything. I always recommend that you arrive 10 – 15 minutes early. This allows kiddos to adjust to me, their surroundings and gives you time to not feel rushed about fixing ties, shirts, skirts and makeup. A standard session is 2 hours and you are allowed 2 outfits, changing does cut into your session time so I don’t suggest a complicated second choice.

If you have kiddos, I will work with them first to get portraits, this might mean that parents are standing off  by a few feet so that the kiddo and I can have time alone. This lets them feel like their special and is generally best practice to get those shots mom loves.

After working with children individually I will work with the whole family. This process is fairly quick because attention spans aren’t very long. I get standard poses in and offer this time to change outfits, if not, I suggest playing with your kids! This is the best time to get those candid shots of dad throwing up your little one(s) or mom snuggling up to one or all of your kids. After 10 minutes of that, if we have time, I do some more posed shots in your second outfit. By the end your kids are smiling and happy, you’re happy and anxious to see the final product!

Ordering Session

This session is either done in my home or yours and is fairly straight forward. I recommend that you bring all decision makers; husband, grandma etc.
During this session I ask you to go through the images and just enjoy them, after you’ve done that, we will go through and you can start saying yes, no or maybe to pictures and we start compiling a list of pictures to work with. After that we start the fun part, going over what images would look best as a canvas, magnet, print or any other product that you love. It’s good to keep in mind that if you’ve already picked an image to print you can receive that same image as another product at 10% off!

After we’ve chosen all the images and picked out products its time for payment -cash or check- and you will receive your images in 1 – 2 weeks, hand delivered by me and your  digital images are delivered via gallery at the same time.

On average my customers spend $300-$500 on print products, lowest package beginning at $100, but I’ve never had a complaint other than that they wish they could purchase more.


I hope this has been helpful and I look forward to working with you soon!


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