Engagement Minis | Grand Forks, ND

One day I was sitting at my desk at Amazon, my old job, and messaged a friend who was recently engaged about helping me out with something.. something I’d thought about doing, but was a little iffy because of the repeated “don’t give things away” talk from any and all photographers out there.. but it was on my heart.

Weddings are daunting, they are an exciting and amazing season of life and finding a wedding photographer that you love can be a little overwhelming in an oversaturated market. Lets face it, Grand Forks has a lot of photographers, how do you set yourself apart? I mean, first thing I have going for me is that I am your friend, I will call and email you to your hearts content.. we can meet for coffee, lunch, dinner and just talk! Need someone at a fitting or to go over seating charts? Pick me! Why? Because that’s how I serve my friends and that’s how I want to serve you. It was a beautiful moment when Jamie (the lovely woman below) told me that she picked me to be her photographer because I’m different and I truly care about my clients. Below are shots from quick mini sessions for local brides and a little more info about why I offer these sessions.


So I’m sure by now you figured out what I asked Jamie.. I kind of threw out the idea because I love weddings and this is a fun way for me to meet and work with potential brides.. So I offer a free mini engagement session for those interested in booking with me. This session is different from my standard engagements because its 15-30 min long and a little spur of the moment. We meet, we have a coffee and head out down the road to snap some quick shots. This way my future client has an idea of what its like to work with me and you find out if you really like my style.


Now after the session we have a couple of options, usually I’m booked by the couple and they receive these images, as well as the option of doing a full engagement session that is included in my wedding packages.. or you can purchase the images at a discounted rate. It’s a fun time and definitely worth trying!


These mini sessions are offered to any and all potential brides and to find out more about my pricing, please go to the contact page and send me an email. I’d love to meet with you and help make your big day amazing!


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