Howard Family | Turtle River, ND

Meet the Howard’s!
So you remember how I talked about becoming friends with my clients? This is a perfect example, Shay and Josh’s son Korbin started talking to me at our apartment gym one day asking what I was doing and showing me his sweet moves on the treadmill. To say I was impressed is an understatement, the kid is a lot cooler than me. Anyways, we started seeing more and more of each other because I decided to stop being a bum and workout and after seeing Shay a few times I offered up going to circle time or scheduling a playdate with Korbin and the kids I nanny.. it’s pretty much history from there and it was only natural for me to suggest a family session. We started planning while I was camping -and supposedly I wasn’t working that weekend, sorry babe!- and decided a perfect location would be Turtle River, ND which is a national park near Grand Forks that has quickly become a favorite for this summer. With hills, tall grass and loads of wildlife, it’s perfect for pretty much everyone. No joke. Every session out there has turned out to be amazing and some of my absolute favorites. Now onto their amazing pictures!!

IMG_4551 IMG_4479 IMG_4472 IMG_4436_edited-1 IMG_4597 IMG_4592 IMG_4437 IMG_4455 IMG_4495_edited-1 IMG_4508 IMG_4419 IMG_4407


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