Michaela Fresh 48 | Grand Forks, ND

So this month I’m highlighting my favorite things about photography. One of these would be birth and fresh 48 sessions. I have to be honest, being there right when a baby is born is the most amazing and humbling experiences in the world. I had shown up to the hospital about an hour before Ms. Michaela made her big debut. I won’t say I wasn’t nervous, but I was more excited than anything. Mike walked into the waiting room and let me know that it was almost time. I made my way down the hall and I stood there, and you could hear Rochelle and how hard she was working. I was standing there in awe, moms are seriously amazing! About 10 minutes later, Mike walked out with tears in his eyes letting me come in. The feeling in the room was a mix of exhaustion and pure joy and as I rounded the corner I couldn’t help but tear up myself. In the first few minutes of Michaela’s life I captured the joy, relief and gratitude on Mike and Rochelle’s faces. I witnessed one of Michaela’s first smiles and I will forever hold this session close to my heart.

IMG_0067_edited-3 IMG_0092_edited-1

I mean, just looking at these pictures of Rochelle and Mike still bring me to tears.

IMG_0106_edited-3 IMG_0126_edited-3 IMG_0136_edited-3 IMG_0183_edited-2IMG_0145_edited-1-2IMG_0193_edited-2

This session, and family, were the breath of fresh air I’d needed. After a long and difficult winter I was about ready to pack it in, but this was God’s way of nudging me into a specialty that I’d always wanted. I cannot wait to work with more couples during such a beautiful time.


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