What is Shoot & Share? | Grand Forks, ND


I label myself as a natural light and lifestyle photographer and that’s what I feel my clients need to know about.. but then there’s the rest. I am a shoot & share photographer too. What’s that? Well I have it defined below and want to share why I chose this business model over being 100% print sales.

Shoot & Share is defined as “photographers that focus on service and share the high resolution photos with their clients”

So when you book with me initially I will ask to meet with you, hang out and get to know you. This will either be in your home, mine or at a local coffee shop. This isn’t just so I can make sure we’re seeing eye-to-eye on your session, but I truly care about you. The moment(s) you’re asking me to capture are like little pieces of my heart and getting to know you is most important. You are more than a client, you’re a friend. I want to be in your corner, encouraging, loving and bringing you timeless photography for life.

So now you know that, but we didn’t really delve into why so here’s why:

These are your pictures, your family and your moments.

These moments are special and unique to you, and I don’t feel right in saying “Now to get digital files, you have to spend $__ on prints” instead I get to include the digital files in the cost of your session, and they will forever be that way and have been that way since I started doing photography professionally in 2009. So when you receive your gallery and download your images, feel free to share them and if you want to order prints through me? AWESOME! I love selling high quality prints, canvases and products. In fact, not only do I encourage it, but I print my own pictures through my lab! So want to see the quality? Come over, I’ll show you. Can’t afford me? Not a problem, my prints might be a little much for some of my families, and in that case using an online lab like Shutterfly or going to Target is fine by me. I love seeing your sessions in frames around your home! I won’t judge you or be mad, I’ll be grateful to see something I hold near and dear to my heart being enjoyed by your family.

So now you know a little more about my business and why I chose to do things this way.


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