Carter Lifestyle Newborn | Fargo, ND

I love babies. They are squishy and soft and so adorable! Seriously. Show me a newborn on my worst day and I will melt, and back in June I was incredibly lucky to work with Jordan and her new baby boy Carter. This kid stole the show for most awake baby, ever.

We started Carter’s session as I do with most of my sessions, hanging out with mom and talking. We talked about how the birth went, how his temperament is (can you say chillest baby ever?!) and just how it is being a new mom. Mom had to give Carter a bath and I couldn’t resist capturing such a sweet moment, these are the ones that wind up framed and in high school yearbooks.


After bath we dove head first into his session. Now I am not the photographer you call when you want a squishy baby pose, you call me when you want real and natural pictures of your little one. Timeless and personal, those are what I think of when I look at pictures done in a more lifestyle setting.

IMG_3258_edited-2 IMG_3415_edited-1

I mean how can you not love that little face?! And I told you he won the award for being awake right? I mean, he slept for about 10 minutes at the very end and was such a trooper. Barely cried and only had to be fed twice! Crazy, right? And for those who are UND fans, I’m sure you’ll love below! Carter’s mom is a UND alum and couldn’t resist having a few items supporting her alma mater.


IMG_3327_edited-1 IMG_3341_edited-1

I just loved getting to know this family and their beautiful baby boy. Please email me to find further info on birth, newborn and my “grow with me” plan.


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