Welcome Home | Grand Forks, ND

A well known fact to pretty much any and all that visit my page is that I do a few homecoming sessions a year. Sessions that I do are 100% free and offered to military families for 6+ month deployments and TDYs. Homecomings are kind of like birth sessions for me, I love them! The emotion and pure joy of seeing wives, fiance’s and families welcome home their Soldier, Airman, Sailor or Marine is pretty much amazing.

Now I’m not affiliated with the military, anymore, and I am pretty much one of the only non-affiliated photographers to offer these sessions and I do it completely on my own. No hearts apart or other organizations, this isn’t something for notoriety or fame, it’s just because I love my country and those who serve our country deserve it.

Since December 2014 I’ve helped welcome home three families in the Grand Forks area, and each time I’ve teared up. I’ve seen daddies meet their babies for the first time and nervous wives touch their husbands face for the first time in months. It’s an amazing thing to watch, and the crowds go wild for these types of sessions. So please know that if you’re in my area, Grand Forks or Fargo, an active member or guard that I am here to serve you during this special time.

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