Jordan + Sarah | Turtle River, ND

You know how sometimes you just luck out? Like when you order a tall coffee from Starbucks and get a grande, or finding an extra $20 in the laundry? Or if you’re me, you luck out on shooting with a couple that you’ve never met before and it quickly becomes one of your favorite sessions? That’s how it was with Sarah and Jordan, see Jordan was gearing up for a deployment and we didn’t have time to meet up before their scheduled session. But I had faith, these guys are apart of the GFAFB group that I have pretty much worked with since day one of opening shop in Grand Forks.

When we trekked out into the slight wilderness that is Turtle River, I realized something really quickly. Jordan loves Sarah, the kind of love that girls dream about. I also realized that Sarah and I have a pretty similar sense of humor (SCORE!) and that made the session all the better. These two were down to clown around, get serious and have a great time all around. I knew while shooting that this would be one of those sessions that I get done quickly, not just because I wanted these two to have something special while Jordan was away, but because I fell in love with the images. I’m sure you will too, so take a look, leave a comment and share away!

IMG_2871 IMG_2933 IMG_2961 IMG_2962 IMG_2970_edited-1 IMG_2977 IMG_2990 withmatte


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