Little Bit Newborn| Grand Forks, ND

So I feel like I should let everyone know that Little Bit aka Steevi Lynn is my honorary niece. She is the daughter to my best friend and I couldn’t resist being there for her to capture the big moments. Steevi’s entrance into this world was a surprise and absolutely amazing, much like her mother. I have had friends become parents, I’ve watched my sister become a mom, but never did the moment of mom-hood ever take my breath away quite like Tresa’s. This is my best friend the loudest, craziest and funniest person I know … with a baby a perfect little gift, complete with a “skullet” just like her grandpa. _MG_9829_edited-2

Just the most perfect little thing with 10 fingers, 10 toes and the most adorable nose I’ve seen! I am a sucker.


Tresa and Mitch went from just a couple of kids to the most amazing parents ever. To see Mitch dote on this little girl would warm the coldest of hearts. This little girl is incredibly loved.


How could you not just love that little face?


Tutu for grandma!

IMG_2140 IMG_2141

Just a little behind the scenes action. I could hold that little girl all day long and make jokes about how she’ll be the little girl with a hockey helmet, tutu and mud stains on her ‘murican tights.


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