Kaitlyn + Eric Engagement | Grand Forks, ND

Early this last fall while we still had 60 degree weather with beautiful sunsets Kaitlyn, Eric and myself headed to Turtle River in North Dakota for an engagement session. A few weeks previous we had sat down in Starbucks to talk about what kind of session these two were looking for, the words country and romantic were thrown around which I am so glad they were because that is exactly how this session turned out!


How can you not love a beautiful couple and a backdrop like that?!


Eric is a firefighter in the Air Force and I love that they brought his gear as props. It went beautifully with her stunning engagement ring! Eric did a great job picking that, and such a wonderful fiancé out.



Above would be Erics #1 for the session. This happens to be the one they both were 100% on getting, and who wouldn’t?! It’s funny and cute.

k&ewm1 _MG_9483_edited-2

This is one of my favorite engagement sessions of all time and I am just so happy that Kaitlyn and Eric asked me to be apart of such a special moment. I look forward to a snow mini session, if we ever get a decent amount of snow!



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