Dearest Love | Grand Forks, ND

Since I started doing photography back in 2006 I have been drawn to the important things in life; Love, families and new babies. Luckily for me I’ve been surrounded by tons of amazing families and bunches of love so I’ve gotten a lot of experience in these types of sessions. It wasn’t until moving to North Dakota that I’ve been able to delve into being apart of a favorite type of photography; Fresh 48 and Hospital Lifestyle sessions. This last week my amazing friend Tresa gave birth to Steevi Lynn who is a 5lb 1oz 17″ bundle of wonder!

These pictures perfectly depict how amazing it is to be in the room for such a fantastic moment. A new family and their baby.


A grandmother hold her hours old granddaughter. 


I absolutely enjoy this below of Mitch and his dad. I remember them talking about how she had no chin and Mitch said “sure she does” and I captured this look his dad gave him. I honestly see so much love from one father to another.  _MG_9726_edited-2I look forward to more sessions similar to this. I have another birth/lifestyle newborn coming up in the next month and I can’t wait to share it with you all!


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