The Dames | Grand Forks, ND

WELL HELLOOOOOOOO GRAND FORKS! I realize its been about a bajillion years since I’ve managed to post anything photography related and the reason behind it? I moved into a new house, got another new job and have been basking in the loveliness that is moving to a new area!! But I did want to show a big first for you guys, my first Grand Forks session!

Meet Tori & Sam Dames, these are the most fabulous ladies in the universe! First off, I met Sam at one of my all time favorite places; Starbucks and Tori? She’s just a bad mamajamma in the Air Force! I had such a great time shooting with them, and truly capturing the love behind their relationship. These two are most definitely a pleasure to work with, but also extremely hilarious, if you only knew how much laughter happened you’d probably wonder how we got so many wonderful shots out of the day. Below are a few favorites from the day!


Just so you all know Sam, the lady with the fabulous hair, is also a makeup artist and styled the session for her and her wife. I LOVE when clients put a lot of thought into their sessions and outfits, it definitely made the entire session run so much smoother when they said “1940’s inspiration” BINGO!

I hope that you all enjoyed my first Grand Forks session, I know it was a blast and these two have become great friends of mine -which is a great perk of my job!

Stick around for more fun!

**I do want to end this saying that I am a lover of all people and anything negative submitted about these two will be deleted and you will be banned from my pages. Thank you**


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