The Randall’s | Tacoma Photography

So normally I would have broken this post up into three sets, but I decided to rebrand myself and move all within the same month and this family deserves a huge post.

Diana and Kevin are two of the goofiest, loving and sincere people I’ve ever met and they have become some of my best friends through this experience, plus they gave me my first “milestone” in family sessions. I’ve done shoots here and there, but never from the beginning.

IMG_3478 copy IMG_3517 copy

Our first session was a few weeks before Kevin deployed to Afghanistan and it was to announce their wonderful news: THEY WERE HAVING A BABY!!!!
I’m a fan of pre-deployment sessions and of babies, so this kind of worked out really well.. plus we got a very rare sunny day in the middle of march.
IMG_3816_edited-1 copy IMG_3827 copy
By early summer my aquantence Diana became one of my best friends. We would go to church almost every Sunday together and it was amazing to watch her strength through her husbands deployment. I could never imagine going through a pregnancy alone, let alone when the love of my life is across the globe.. but the most exciting thing was her announcing that they were having a BOY! Mr. Hagan was to join us just a short week after his dad came home, but obviously babies have different ideas of when “ready” really is..
IMG_5284 copy IMG_5291 copy
On July 19th I got a text “hey, I’m in labor” I had literally flown back from Georgia the previous day and was prepping my gear because that was the day Kevin was due back from Afghanistan. Hopping in my car and heading to the hospital I had similar emotions from my own homecomings.. excitement, nerves and thankfulness. I was standing in the hospital room as Kevin just casually strolled in saying “are we gonna have a baby today?” and in that moment I saw Diana’s fears and stress immediately release. I wont lie, I cried. Homecomings are always a sweet moment, but to have him home in the nick of time must have meant so much to them.. I was just blown away by it all.
And later that day…
IMG_5365 copy IMG_5383 copy
Hagan joined the world.
Just as perfect as he was created to be and I was so incredibly blessed to be apart of this experience. Thank you Diana and Kevin for allowing me to be there for this, and I hope you know how much I love you both.



One thought on “The Randall’s | Tacoma Photography

  1. These pictures tell such a beautiful story! Thanks so much for the wonderful story to go with them. Even though I’m biased, as I’m related to them, they are so good together. I do think Kevin is the goofier one.

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