BHP Investment

Since it’s that time of year where we are shedding our winter coats, preparing for summer trips and planning our family sessions for the year I wanted to go over the price increase from 2015 to 2016. Now I know that with this price increase that some are thinking they can’t afford a family session and it’s not worth it, but it is! Not only am I still a few hundred dollars under everyone else locally, I give you more for your dollar.


Each of my sessions have been carefully calculated to give you the best deal and still make it possible for me to pay for rent, equipment and the fees that come with being a photographer. So what’s different? Each session (aside from birth/newborn) is 2 hours long which is great if you want to do two outfits or two locations within 10 miles of each other. It helps when mama’s need to take a break and be with kids who aren’t feeling it and for families to not feel rushed. Each session also includes a number of edited digital files AND the print release. This means I’m giving you the rights to an image and losing out on future sales because I believe a family should be able to pick and choose where they print. Do I still highly recommend using my labs? Duh, I use them and I love them! But the best thing of all? These sessions are 100% geared toward you and your family. I am only taking a handful of clients every month to be able to put all of my energy into what’s really important; you.

So please, look at my prices and keep an eye out for deals coming in this spring/summer!



I Got Married!

Hello friends + clients!

I wanted to take a minute to let you know the good news; ERIC AND I GOT MARRIED!

We ran away from it all and were married in a wonderful little spot that means a lot to both of us. Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to sharing pictures at a later date.


What To Expect | Session Walk Through

As I had stated in my recent relaunch/blog post I am moving toward a more specific specialty for families, while also only catering to a few sessions a month. I wanted to give a walk through for what these sessions entail and give a few price points with print packages and my ala carte.

Pre-Session Consultation

This is a 30 – 40 minute meeting where I get to know you and your family. Tell me what makes your little ones laugh, smile and feel comfortable and I will make it happen! This is also an opportunity for us to go over locations, outfits and what you’re looking for. Need a gallery wall update or a huge canvas for grandma or maybe just pictures for your family album, or even an album! This gives me the opportunity to showcase what prints and products are offered and give you a good pricing point so that you’re not surprised when we meet for your ordering session. I always send home a pricing sheet for families at the end of this session.


I would say this speaks for itself, but I like to walk you through everything. I always recommend that you arrive 10 – 15 minutes early. This allows kiddos to adjust to me, their surroundings and gives you time to not feel rushed about fixing ties, shirts, skirts and makeup. A standard session is 2 hours and you are allowed 2 outfits, changing does cut into your session time so I don’t suggest a complicated second choice.

If you have kiddos, I will work with them first to get portraits, this might mean that parents are standing off  by a few feet so that the kiddo and I can have time alone. This lets them feel like their special and is generally best practice to get those shots mom loves.

After working with children individually I will work with the whole family. This process is fairly quick because attention spans aren’t very long. I get standard poses in and offer this time to change outfits, if not, I suggest playing with your kids! This is the best time to get those candid shots of dad throwing up your little one(s) or mom snuggling up to one or all of your kids. After 10 minutes of that, if we have time, I do some more posed shots in your second outfit. By the end your kids are smiling and happy, you’re happy and anxious to see the final product!

Ordering Session

This session is either done in my home or yours and is fairly straight forward. I recommend that you bring all decision makers; husband, grandma etc.
During this session I ask you to go through the images and just enjoy them, after you’ve done that, we will go through and you can start saying yes, no or maybe to pictures and we start compiling a list of pictures to work with. After that we start the fun part, going over what images would look best as a canvas, magnet, print or any other product that you love. It’s good to keep in mind that if you’ve already picked an image to print you can receive that same image as another product at 10% off!

After we’ve chosen all the images and picked out products its time for payment -cash or check- and you will receive your images in 1 – 2 weeks, hand delivered by me and your  digital images are delivered via gallery at the same time.

On average my customers spend $300-$500 on print products, lowest package beginning at $100, but I’ve never had a complaint other than that they wish they could purchase more.


I hope this has been helpful and I look forward to working with you soon!

New Year, New Brand!


Well, it’s been awhile right? I kind of dropped off of the face of the planet, but for good reason. It took me a good long while, but after a lot of discussion, prayers and figuring out what I really wanted for Belle Hiver Photography to represent I decided that 2016 is the last year I will be offering wedding photography.


While I love brides and capturing such a wonderful moment in time, I’ve come to realize that my specialty lies with the small, intimate, moments in a families life. From your yearly Holiday portrait session to fresh 48, newborn and general family photography.


I also realized that there was something missing from working with my clients. While some will print pictures out, the majority don’t. Crazy, right? So along with moving to only working with three client types I am revamping how I do sessions with a pre-session consultation and an ordering session/reveal. I’m doing this so that you are able to get the print products that you want while also receiving digital files. Now don’t worry, I’m not charging an arm and a leg, but I am bringing you the very best of print products and a few different print packages/ala carte items. With this I will also only provide a few sessions every month so to cater specifically to you and your family. Thank you for being so patient with me as our new pricing starts now!

I am looking forward to bringing the families of Grand Forks quality photography and print products for the foreseeable future. For more information and pricing, please visit my website!


Fall Mini Sessions | Grand Forks, ND

It is that time of year and I am so excited! This year I decided to offer this mini session for the entire month of October and will be providing dates that I’m in other cities (I.E. Langdon, Thief River Falls, Fargo etc) and will be happy to offer spots when I’m in town. Take a look below, these are just a handful of the 30+ pictures they were able to choose from!

Please click the contact button to send me an email, if you’re in another town I will request 50% deposit to book and it is non-refundable.

Engagement Minis | Grand Forks, ND

One day I was sitting at my desk at Amazon, my old job, and messaged a friend who was recently engaged about helping me out with something.. something I’d thought about doing, but was a little iffy because of the repeated “don’t give things away” talk from any and all photographers out there.. but it was on my heart.

Weddings are daunting, they are an exciting and amazing season of life and finding a wedding photographer that you love can be a little overwhelming in an oversaturated market. Lets face it, Grand Forks has a lot of photographers, how do you set yourself apart? I mean, first thing I have going for me is that I am your friend, I will call and email you to your hearts content.. we can meet for coffee, lunch, dinner and just talk! Need someone at a fitting or to go over seating charts? Pick me! Why? Because that’s how I serve my friends and that’s how I want to serve you. It was a beautiful moment when Jamie (the lovely woman below) told me that she picked me to be her photographer because I’m different and I truly care about my clients. Below are shots from quick mini sessions for local brides and a little more info about why I offer these sessions.


So I’m sure by now you figured out what I asked Jamie.. I kind of threw out the idea because I love weddings and this is a fun way for me to meet and work with potential brides.. So I offer a free mini engagement session for those interested in booking with me. This session is different from my standard engagements because its 15-30 min long and a little spur of the moment. We meet, we have a coffee and head out down the road to snap some quick shots. This way my future client has an idea of what its like to work with me and you find out if you really like my style.


Now after the session we have a couple of options, usually I’m booked by the couple and they receive these images, as well as the option of doing a full engagement session that is included in my wedding packages.. or you can purchase the images at a discounted rate. It’s a fun time and definitely worth trying!


These mini sessions are offered to any and all potential brides and to find out more about my pricing, please go to the contact page and send me an email. I’d love to meet with you and help make your big day amazing!

Howard Family | Turtle River, ND

Meet the Howard’s!
So you remember how I talked about becoming friends with my clients? This is a perfect example, Shay and Josh’s son Korbin started talking to me at our apartment gym one day asking what I was doing and showing me his sweet moves on the treadmill. To say I was impressed is an understatement, the kid is a lot cooler than me. Anyways, we started seeing more and more of each other because I decided to stop being a bum and workout and after seeing Shay a few times I offered up going to circle time or scheduling a playdate with Korbin and the kids I nanny.. it’s pretty much history from there and it was only natural for me to suggest a family session. We started planning while I was camping -and supposedly I wasn’t working that weekend, sorry babe!- and decided a perfect location would be Turtle River, ND which is a national park near Grand Forks that has quickly become a favorite for this summer. With hills, tall grass and loads of wildlife, it’s perfect for pretty much everyone. No joke. Every session out there has turned out to be amazing and some of my absolute favorites. Now onto their amazing pictures!!

IMG_4551 IMG_4479 IMG_4472 IMG_4436_edited-1 IMG_4597 IMG_4592 IMG_4437 IMG_4455 IMG_4495_edited-1 IMG_4508 IMG_4419 IMG_4407

H Family | Turtle River, ND

So the H family is hands down one of the sweetest, funniest and most down to earth families I’ve ever worked with! All I have to say is “dry sarcasm” and you should know right then that we get along pretty well. Michaela is at that sweet age where she’s discovering the world around her and that she has hands for grabbing things.. like hair and grass. I am always thrilled to work with her because of her gorgeous blue eyes and then just the utter hilarity of her expressions sets me in a tizzy.

Now I should mention that this was my last session with the H family as they are moving away to a nicer climate.. totally jealous, but totally happy for them! I will forever be grateful for meeting these three and being apart of such wonderful moments. I can only hope and pray they are blessed on their journey and that someday our paths cross again!

Del Vecchio Maternity | Grand Forks, ND

Pregnancy is beautiful, and yes I know many moms who would disagree with me, but that doesn’t really change the fact that it is beautiful. It’s a special time, and whether you’re having your first, second or seventh pregnancy it’s always unique. I’ve been around enough pregnancies to know that you can be as seasoned as possible, but still be thrown curve balls, which brings me to Melanie and Anthony. At week 15 they went in for an ultrasound and found that the one boy they thought to be expecting was actually two boys! It was at that point Melanie contacted me about doing a newborn session, and boy am I glad they did. I talked to Melanie about doing a maternity session, she was very interested and we got to work doing some planning!

IMG_3014_edited-2 IMG_3058_edited-2 IMG_3073_edited-2

Thankfully these two are such sports, it was hot and there were some bugs and to be 28 weeks pregnant and let me have full control AND outfit choice? Melanie, you are my hero!

IMG_3025 IMG_3050 IMG_3089 IMG_3108 IMG_3115_edited-1

Now I wait patiently to meet the boys and see one of my very first customers grow into a family of 4, or 7 if you count the dogs.

Michaela Fresh 48 | Grand Forks, ND

So this month I’m highlighting my favorite things about photography. One of these would be birth and fresh 48 sessions. I have to be honest, being there right when a baby is born is the most amazing and humbling experiences in the world. I had shown up to the hospital about an hour before Ms. Michaela made her big debut. I won’t say I wasn’t nervous, but I was more excited than anything. Mike walked into the waiting room and let me know that it was almost time. I made my way down the hall and I stood there, and you could hear Rochelle and how hard she was working. I was standing there in awe, moms are seriously amazing! About 10 minutes later, Mike walked out with tears in his eyes letting me come in. The feeling in the room was a mix of exhaustion and pure joy and as I rounded the corner I couldn’t help but tear up myself. In the first few minutes of Michaela’s life I captured the joy, relief and gratitude on Mike and Rochelle’s faces. I witnessed one of Michaela’s first smiles and I will forever hold this session close to my heart.

IMG_0067_edited-3 IMG_0092_edited-1

I mean, just looking at these pictures of Rochelle and Mike still bring me to tears.

IMG_0106_edited-3 IMG_0126_edited-3 IMG_0136_edited-3 IMG_0183_edited-2IMG_0145_edited-1-2IMG_0193_edited-2

This session, and family, were the breath of fresh air I’d needed. After a long and difficult winter I was about ready to pack it in, but this was God’s way of nudging me into a specialty that I’d always wanted. I cannot wait to work with more couples during such a beautiful time.